Italian harpist and composer is considered one of the most active jazz harpists of Europe. Her performance is often defined to be a balance between jazz and European music, writing and improvisation, played with impeccable technique and enchanting sound. Still, her dedication to Afro-American music hasn’t stopped her from exploring all contemporary stiles.

The encounter with the NY harpist Park Stickney revealed to her the potentiality of the jazz harp and inspired her to develop an original style. Since then Marcella Carboni has been participating, with her electro acoustic harp, in seminars, workshops, jazz and postgraduate studies in Italy and abroad.

Certainly, seeing her blue harp in the jazz environment seemed really unusual at that stage. Despite this and due to her musical abilities, important and well known musicians like Enrico Pieranunzi, Bruno Tommaso, Paolo Fresu, Riccardo Zegna, Roberto Cipelli, started to collaborate with her. This is the history that precedes the creation of “Trame”, which is her first solo’s CD.

She took part in movie and theater projects and manages without fatigue to suit her instrument to the requirements of soul, pop or electronic music. She collaborates with numerous musicians of the Italian jazz scene. Even today, she is still the only harpist who has appeared in the ranking of the Italian Top Jazz musicians as a “best musician of the year” and “ best new talent”.

Besides her intense musical activity she is also engaged in teaching the jazz harp in the musical state academy and in Italian harp schools.

She performed with many musician as: Rosario Giuliani, Bruno Tommaso, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Paolo Fresu, Anthony Braxton, Edmar Castaneda, Javier Girotto, Daniela Spielmann, Enrico Fink, Ricardo Zegna, Paolo Damiani, Fabrizio Sferra, Yuri Goloubev, Gianni Coscia, Peter Waters, Joanna Rimmer, Elisabetta Antonini, Max De Aloe, Guido Mazzon, Riccardo Fassi, Gabriele Coen, Francesco D’Auria, Francesca Corrias, Susanna Stivali, Aldo Bassi, Giacomo Uncini, Mario Corvini, Roberto Olzer.

She performed in music seasons and festivals all over the world: : Madrid Jazz Festival, Jazz at Kitano (New York), Barbès (New York), Treibhaus (Innsbruck), Settimana Cultura Italiana (Rio de Janeiro, Brasile),Torino Jazz Festival, Dialogo (Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica), Roma Jazz’s cool (Casa del Jazz), Time in Jazz-Berchidda (OT), Nuoro Jazz, Musica sulle Bocche-Santa Teresa di Gallura (OT), European Jazz Expo (Cagliari), Tuscia Jazz, Artusi Jazz Fstival (FC), Woma Jazz (Modena), Iseo Jazz, Vivere Jazz a Fiesole, Viggiano Jazz (PZ), No borders Jazz (Gubbio), Latina Jazz Winter, NonSoleJazz Festival, Legnano Jazz, Jesi Jazz, Ivrea Jazz, Terre di Siena, Elba Jazz.

She performed in various harp festivals: 13th World Harp Congress (Hong Kong), Rio Harp Festival (Rio de Janeiro, Brasile), Camac Harp Festival (Perpignan, Francia), Pop Harp Festival (Monza), Festival dell’arpa Isolabona (IM), Festival Internazionale dell’arpa Salsomaggiore, Bologna Harp Festival, Festival Internazionale dell’arpa Viggiano (PZ), Festival delle Arpe in Villa Chiari (BS).



Marcella Carboni (harp) Francesca Corrias (voice), Yuri Goloubev (double-bass), Francesco D’Auria (drums), feat. Max De Aloe (chromatic harmonica)

2014, Abeat Records


Max De Aloe (chromatic harmonica), Marcella Carboni (harp)

2013, Abeat Records


Massimo Barbiero (drums), Marcella Carboni (harp), feat. Maurizio Brunod (guitar)

2012, Splasc(H)records


Elisabetta Antonini (voice), Marcella Carboni (harp)

2011, Blue Serge


Marcella Carboni (harp)

2010, Blue Serge


Enrico Fink (voice e flute) , Marcella Carboni (harp), Stefano Bartolini (sax)

2010, Mat.Sonori

NAT trio

Simone Dionigi Pala (sax) , Marcella Carboni (harp) , Elisabetta Lacorte (bass)

2006, Splasc(H)records

Discography as sideman

Collana Jazz Italiano

Tribute to Janis Joplin, Espresso di Repubblica, 2016

The Hidden Side

Rosario Giuliani, Parco della Musica Records, 2016

Fuori dal Pozzo

Enrico FinkArlo Bigazzi, Canti Erranti, Materiali Sonori, 2014


Enten Eller, Splasc(H)records, 2012

Dedicated to… just me!

Joanna Rimmer, Sam Production, 2008

Antologia Nuoro Jazz Festival

NJ Produzioni, 2005

Soundtracks (composition and recording)

The Vespers – Have a little fait in jazz

Documentary by Silvana Porcu, self-handling, 2014

Archive of dreams

Short-movie by Tomás Sheridan, BBC Scotland, 2008

Le Amazzoni

Short-movie by Grazia Dentoni, self-handling, 2002

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