Marcella Carbonielectro-acoustic harp
Paolino Dalla Porta double-bass
Stefano Bagnoli – drums

This is not a harp.

It’s definitely not the angelic, magic, relaxing harp that usually finds room in our collective imagination. So this is not a harp – it’s my voice, my sound. It’s an instrument that can scratch, swing, groove. Sometimes it’s alienating, yet still smooth and full.
When I conceived this project, I borrowed the title from “The Treachery of Images”, Magritte’s renowned painting with the pipe, turning it into “The Treachery of Sounds” – double bass, drums and harp move in a relentless role-playing game. The album structure is designed as a surrealistic painting: there are eight real, actual objects among four short radical improvisations – music madness – inspired by Magritte’s works, as well as drums played in reverse, plays of effects, and contrasts in timbers and dynamics, opening the doors to a surreal dimension.


Marcella Carbonielectro-acoustic harp, live loop, prepared harp

A harp that reflects itself in the sound of different ages, putting together music separated by centuries and cultures.
The concert is a tribute to everything that Marcella Carboni has lived and heard, without hiding herself behind labels or barriers of any kind.
The journey includes stages related to her personal memories and encounters that gave impulse to the growth of her musical personality: from classical music to jazz, with a special mention to all the Italian artists who are continuing to give life to the music.
The work of the Sardinian harpist moves between improvisation and frames, electronic and gusto, past and present, with a respectful and courageous revise of the ideas of the music giants. In the hands of Marcella Carboni, the harp becomes a malleable instrument.


NUANCE Harp&Voice

Elisabetta Antonini: voice e live electronics
Marcella Carboni: electro-acoustic harp, live loop, prepared harp

A harp, a voice. A shade game embracing jazz and songs, classical sounds and improvisation. “Nuance” is the duo formed by two Italian musicians: singer Elisabetta Antonini and harpist Marcella Carboni. Its chiaroscuros let it shine with a warm light and timber, those “flexible, light gravities” as Antonini sings in “Cerco il mare”, where the listener can sense their strong will to balance between the mildness of a cherishing sound and the complexity of refined compositions. This first work as a duo (produced by BlueSerge) elegantly drifts among songs by Ralph Towner and Guinga, Kenny Wheeler and Tom Jobim, lingering on the links between history and present.


Max De Aloe: chromatic harmonica
Marcella Carboni: electro-acoustic harp

A unique, virtuoso and amazing duo, even for those who are not much into jazz, and with the ability to move with nonchalance from A. Piazzolla to G. Fauré, or from the Brazilian composer Jobim to the Beatles. Also Pixinguinha, Pascoal, Berlin and even Sting are included in their CD (POP HARP, April 2013, Abeat Records, Italy), as well as their own compositions. In this way their performance ranges from jazz, tango, bossanova to pop and also classical music with a sometimes melancholic sound that however includes moments of light and movement.