The masterclass wants to illustrate the whole improvisation potentiality of the harp. The analysis of several practical and theoretical topics, shall give evidence of the versatility of the instrument in jazz, as well as in other contexts. The itinerary of presentation will include stops at original pieces of Marcella Carboni, as well as at the possible encounters of classical, folk and jazz music. Each technical and historical aspect shall be analyzed with musical examples and with the performance of the appropriate pieces.


The workshop proposes a didactic tour of 3 or 4 lessons to be programmed once or twice a month. Each lesson is organized with progressive learning steps to ease the acquisition process of the pupils. Lessons shall be held in group settings, but there will be moments of individual in depth study. Tho purpose of the workshop is to make known the versatility of the harp in jazz music and to introduce improvisation not only for jazz, but also in other context, including classical music.


Nuoro Jazz Seminars take place every year in Nuono (Sardinia, Italy), at the end of August. It is a Jazz Harp practical course (pedal and lever harp) for harpists of all levels. The course aims at exploring the versatility of the harp in jazz improvisation and the use of improvisation not only in jazz but also in other musical contexts. Lessons will be collective, with some in-depth individual moments. Students will learn useful skills to perform and arrange both jazz standards and songs, focusing is on improvisation, comping and interpretation.

  • Lessons will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. Every day except Sunday.
  • Instrumental classes will be formed after the first day auditions according to each student level of preparation (there will be two or three levels). Timetable will be set in the preliminary meeting on the first day. It will allow all students to attend theoretical and instrumental lessons, regardless of their level.
  • Jazz history, theory and instrumental classes will be held in the morning. Open rehearsals and combo classes (where the final performance repertoire will be prepared) will be held in the afternoon.
  • Student can also attend two master classes: one on Sardinian traditional folk music and one held by a leading name in the international jazz scene. Attendance is free and is compatible with timetable of other lessons.
  • Nuoro Jazz Festival live concerts will be take place every evening. Special reduced-price subscription will be available for all students.
  • jam sessions will take place every night, after the evening concerts, at the Nuoro’s jazz club.


I’m available for private lessons (on-line or face-to-face) for those who want to deepen their knowledge of harmony and improvisation and have an appropriate mastering of the instrument. My office is in Zurich, but I’m available to teach lessons also in different places. Lessons can be settled in accordance with the agenda of my engagements.